Here you'll find links to videos, blogs, websites, information and inspiration about innovation and entrepreneurship. Find what speaks to your team and use it to develop and communicate your ideas. (Click images to follow links)

The University of Delaware Diamond Challenge: From Idea to Action Video Curriculum

Well-produced video series covering everything from Opportunity Recognition and Screening to Ideation and Minimum Viable Products. Total content time is approximately 1 hour. Absolutely full of gems and wisdom. #competitiongoals

Harvard Business Review Article: Meet the Teenagers Who Found Their Own Startups 

A recent HBR article discussing some of the challenges faced by today's young entrepreneurs, some examples of smashing success by leaders as young as 8 years old, and some reasons and ways to get out of the way and let these natural risk takers learn real world lessons.

Napa Valley College's YEP Entrepreneur's Toolbox

YEP's Business Plan Workbook, Research and Analysis, Financial Budgeting and Projection tools. Learn more about the real-world details of applying your innovative solution to the world's problems.

Resources page from the website of 36 Degrees North (36°N), "Tulsa’s basecamp for entrepreneurs."

A diverse information resource for innovators as well as a comprehensive overview of local and state organizations and contacts for making connections with partners in the Tulsa area.

Cayenne Consulting: The Entrepreneur's Library - Startup Resources

Resource library of a firm with the following mission: “To help entrepreneurs get their act together before they solicit investors.”